Sunday, October 25th, 2020

Government Auto Auctions in ,


Looking for working government auctions in the area of , ? We tested four different government auction websites and only one is worth your time. The website is here and we urge you to read our full report before you sign up.

What’s So Special About This Website?

Let’s start with what is NOT so special about this website. For one, they don’t remove their old listings. Sometimes you might search and find some cars that are already sold. But every website we tested was the same. Two, sometimes you might get an error message when searching for cars. But not all sites are perfect. three,well there is no three. This website runs perfectly except for those two small problems. Now time to explain why this website is so awesome.

1.Very Easy to Use

State of the art interface. Once you log in, it looks like the picture on the left. You can choose between looking at housing, cars, or random auctions.

2.Fresh Listings

We searched for the city of Malden but you can easily change zip code to match , for your own results. Their listings are usually updated daily, but they seem to also leave their old listings up.

3.More Than Just Government Auctions

They even list local private auctions around your area. A good idea might be to sign up for the free trial and to write down the auction locations before you cancel.


Your very own bargain hunter specialist. If you have any questions with the site or the auction listings, you can contact her through the live chat button. She even has her own blog in the members section where she talks about hot new deals.

5.Buy Almost Anything

1)Houses – Want to get a house for $6,127? One was recently sold.

2)Cars – What about a Benz or Mustang for under $2,000?

3)Weird Stuff – And iPhone starting bids of only $126?

6.Free Trial

Not signing up to this website is going to cost you thousands. It only costs $1.95 to sign up for a 7 day trial. If you go over the 7 days, you will be billed $34.95 per month until you cancel. Really think hard on this. If you don’t like it within the 7 days, just call their number and cancel to get your money back. If you decide to keep it for another month, it’s nothing compared to how much these auctions will save you.

Try it

The cancellation process is easy and we were able to cancel within two days. You can take a look at the receipt here.Please don’t make a mistake by passing up this opportunity. Take action now!

1)Sign up for the website here.
2)Take out a calender and circle . This is the date you have to cancel by.
3)If you find a car within 7 days, cancel your account. Otherwise, do whatever you wish.
4)Enjoy riding in your new car!

If you have any questions regarding our experience with the website or help with signing up, you can contact us at If you enjoyed the report, please comment and rate!

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