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Doba Reviews


doba reviews

Doba is Perfect For Noobs

If you wanted to get into the dropshipping game and have never done it before, Doba is perfect for you. Your profit margin might be lower(for the product we tried, it was 10%) than TRUE dropshippers (they are shrouded in secrecy and you have to do diligent research to find out who they are) but this will definitely get you into the game. Doba is perfect for someone who needs to get their foot in the door and to finally try to make money for themself. Besides, they have a 7 day free trial so what is there to lose?

Why Doba is good

1)They will offer you 2 months free if you find prices that are cheaper than theirs (this applies to single units since doba lists its products as single products). With this being said, people who buy in bulk will still be getting it cheaper than you.
2)Their list of products keep growing (over 1,000,000 products). They have name brands such as Apple, Sony, Phillips, etc.
3)They have their own ebay tools

Why Doba might not be good

1)If you already have your own connections in the wholesale/dropshipping business, there is no reason to use Doba.
2)They might guarantee the lowest price for single units, but they are still a middleman.
3)Although they state that you can make 70% profit margin, you most likely will not. It will be in the 10%-30% area.

What to do

1)Sign up with Doba (7 day free trial. Even a monkey can do it. Just remember to cancel if you don’t like it!)
2)Learn how to dropship and build up a sales record
3)Sign up for and start posting as much as you can so you don’t look like a noob
4)Ask the forum members how to get in contact with true dropshippers
5)The sky is your limit

What Others Are Saying

Comments from salehoo –

1 |Good review; I too find Doba to provide an excellent service. I wanted to point out one significant thing however. While this may be clear to the auther, Grace, it won’t be to those new to the industry. Doba is not a directory. That is actually one of the biggest things that sets them apart from their competitors. Doba is an agregator and that is why I love them. They don’t just point me to suppliers, then provide me with access directly to the products, eliminating all of the leg work, hassle, and overhead. With just a few clicks I can push products straight to eBay. That’s quit different then a “directory!”
2 |I agree that Doba is very well laid out from the time you sign up for the free trial to digging in finding the products you want to sell online. I also think that the profit margins in some of the products are lower than they advertise since if many people are selling the same item on eBay for instance, then you will have a lower sell price to compete with others.
One thing that I have found is that sometimes items will go out of stock if you have them listed on eBay and then try to purchase after the auction is over. I’m not sure how often this happens, but I would assume that Doba deals with many different suppliers so each one can vary in the stock levels depending on the items you are selling.
Overall I think Doba is an excellent program for the complete newbie looking to start selling products online because of their training and support provided. It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish when selling products online since there are many avenues you can sell such as eBay, your own website, froogle, amazon, etc. They offer a free trial, so it’s no risk on your part to get started with them.

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3 Responses to “Doba Reviews”
  1. Called into Doba to cancel service and spoke to Daniel & Jay Jay, their customer service is horrible their rude and we hadn’t even used the service yet.I asked to speak with a supervisor and was placed on hold for OVER AN HOUR, NOT TO MENTION HUNG UP ON!!! OVERALL IT WAS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!! BEWARE….!! requested to speak with somone else and i was hung up on!!!

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  2. christy says:

    i would like to post your link to ebay

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  3. kamal says:

    I wish if i saw this website before signing up with Doba. Over a year ago I sign up with Doba after they refused to cancel my trail and convince me to get my money back if I don`t make it selling their product. Guess what their product very high that i did`nt sell a single thing on ebay. I called to cancel before they renew my account. the person was very rude, and refused to give me my money back because acorrding to her I had to log in every month to get the special (Money back), and I told her that I was never told that I have to loging specific times, she replied that Doba don`t have to tell me. then she hung up on me. Please learn from this and don`t sign up with a scam company like Doba.

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