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Burn Fat Feed Muscle Review


burn the fat feed the muscle

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto is an amazing book packed with awesome information for somebody who is really serious about changing their body figure. Before you buy this book, we have to warn you that although everything he says is true, it will require a LOT of dedication and work to achieve your ideal body. Mr. Venuto doesn’t fill the book with fluff, he tells you exactly what you need to do in order to lose fat.

The Requirements

1)Dedication : His program requires a LOT of dedication. If you feel that you can really stick the program without faltering and quitting in the middle, his book is for you.

2)Proper nutrition : You will have to have a good nutrition program in place and he requires you to eat healthy for the majority of the weak. If you can do this, this book is for you.

3)Heading to the Gym : You need to go to the gym. If you buy this book and don’t go to the gym, everything he teaches you is a waste.

Some Helpful Tips

1)Gym Partner – get somebody who can motivate you and go to the gym with you. You can even split the costs of the book with him and this might motivate you more.

2)A Picture- Get a picture of the ideal body you want and hang it somewhere that you can see every single day.

3)Write everything down – Get two journals; one for food and one for workouts. Write everything down so you can easily calculate how much you ate and how much you lifted/ran so you can improve the next week.


1)When you buy the book, he offers you 4 free mini courses as well
2)60 day money back guarantee
3)no filler material
4)he isn’t owned by any supplement companies (he doesn’t try to sell you anything)


1)About 340 pages of material
2)Dedication, dedication, dedication!
3)strict regimen

What You Should Do

Well this book is an awesome book and if you can follow through, you will absolutely have the body of your dreams. BUT do not buy this book if you think that you won’t be able to follow through. His regimen is complex, demands dedication and perfect nutrition. If you want to get it, you can visit his website

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